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Mauritian students make Chinese New Year paper-cuts
Updated: 2019-02-11 15:36:47
( Chinaculture.org )

A Mauritian student makes Chinese paper-cuts at Hampton Primary School in Mauritius on Feb 6, 2019. The event was organized by the China Cultural Center in Mauritius to celebrate Chinese New Year, attended by more than 60 pupils. [Photo/Chinaculture.org]

Mauritian students show their versions of the Chinese character chun (spring) during a cultural class about Chinese paper-cutting and Spring Festival traditions on Feb 6, 2019.[Photo/Chinaculture.org]

Mauritian students watch animated short films about legends and traditions of Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, on Feb 6, 2019. [Photo/Chinaculture.org]

Chinese volunteer Li Gang teaches Mauritian students about patterns on Chinese paper-cuts on Feb 6, 2019. [Photo/Chinaculture.org]

Chinese volunteer Meng Yue teaches Mauritian students to make Chinese paper-cuts on Feb 6, 2019. [Photo/Chinaculture.org]

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