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Yunnan's Puzhehe boosts tourism with cultural heritage
Updated: 2019-01-21 15:47:29
( chinadaily.com.cn )

Puzhehe scenic area in Qiubei county, Yunnan province, is known for its karst landforms, lakes, mountains, caves and wetlands.

Puzhehe means "a pond teaming with fish and shrimp" in the Yi people's language. It has become a popular destination after Chinese TV series like Eternal Love were filmed there.

The scenic area's newly built tourist service center will be open in March, providing tourists with services such as tour guiding, dining and medical treatment.

They will also invite local craftspeople to perform intangible cultural heritage in the center, ranging from woodcarving and weaving, to making traditional oil-paper umbrellas and creating silver jewelry.

"The boom of tourism has brought more customers, who like woodcarving with traditional auspicious patterns," said 68-year-old woodcarver He Chunpei, from the Zhuang ethnic group.

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