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Poetry Moment: Wu Qian reads for you
Updated: 2018-12-06 14:00:00
( chinadaily.com.cn )

Here is the weekly short video series by China Daily website, Poetry Moment.

The guest this week is actress Wu Qian, who plays Ye Yuan’an, in the online show, An Oriental Odyssey. Speaking of Wu, many may remember her performances in Silence Separation and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, and think of her as the lively, pretty woman from Wuhan University. After this episode, you will know more about her.

As An Oriental Odyssey becomes a hit show online, viewers see a lot of similarities between Wu Qian and the character, Ye Yuan’an. Wu thinks so too, but she points out that the bravery shown by Ye is a quality rarely found in contemporary times.

She reveals the secret weapon for rookies is eye drops. But as one begins to understand acting, emotions derive from the bottom of your heart. In that case, you can act naturally. Pretending to be in a certain mood will only make your acting seem awkward.

In Poetry Moment, Wu read the poem, Loveliest of Trees, by Alfred Houseman. Houseman has an unadorned style similar to British ballads. He is good at portraying the melody of poetry through the simplest vocabulary. This poem uses a beautiful cherry tree to encourage young people to seize time and live a meaningful life. Wu shares her experience in keeping balance between work and leisure. She also points out the importance of cherishing one’s youth.

Poetry Moment is broadcast at 2 pm every Thursday. Please stay tuned for the poetic discussion with us.

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