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Warm choices among a kaleidoscope of woolen sweaters
Updated: 2018-10-11 09:24:23
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Editor's Note:

There are some things in the world that can revive nice memories, even if it's just hearing their names. For example, a piano concert of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a mug of hot chocolate, as well as a hand-made sweater from your mom.

Making a woolen sweater once was a romantic way to show love and care in a time when mass production was uncommon. Knitting also was a popular hobby, and even some men were good at it

For example, most woolen socks for my mother and her five siblings in the 1970s came from the hand of their father.

I also remembered a green knit sweater my mom made when I was three. It was pale green, not the color of the sky, yet she tried to knit some stars on the sweater. This was during the late 1980s when not many beautiful children's clothes were accessible in a small town.

Thanks to the fast development of China's economy in the past 40 years, there are so many woolen and cashmere sweaters being made in China and they're popping up with high quality and trendy styles.

As cold season begins with the coming of fall, it is time to prepare a nice sweater to keep you warm. Handmade ones are still precious in spite of higher prices. You also can make one by yourself, which would be a very precious gift.



Classic white

A white sweater, if made from cashmere or wool, should be precisely defined as “creamy”, a warm hue. Because no sheep or goat in the world is snow white, it looks better with cool shades.
A creamy white woolen sweater looks better with an earth color palette and can give you a clean and pure look on cold days.


Festive red

A red woolen sweater seems like many Chinese people's best choice for festivals, like Chinese Lunar New Year. As it is also a choice for Christmas, so prepare one for your autumn and winter wardrobe.

A shade from spring: Green

Spring is not the only season when people can wear green, mirroring prosperous nature.
This color in various shades also can highlight autumn and winter. And one that blends with yellow and green, the color of moss, can elevate the earth colors on you to a higher level.



Christmas reindeer and pine trees

Such a pattern is a reminder of Christmas and naturally carries an air of joy and sweetness. It also looks good on socks.


As scientists have found that humans have an obsession with glossy, shiny things, these little twinkling plastic pieces can always find their way onto our clothes, shoes or bags. Sequins were very popular last winter and this spring, yet can still be taken as a highlight for your wardrobe.


Sweater with stripes offer a touch of French-style, but only the basic colors, such as white, black and navy.

Cartoon characters

Anyone will look cute in woolen sweaters featuring cartoon character. People may not watch cartoons after they grow up, but the characters can still appear on their clothes.

Diamond pattern

For men's knitwear, the diamond pattern is a more polished choice, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.



Turtle neck

Although you cannot use your neck to eat or think, that doesn't mean it is useless, in fact, your life is controlled by it. According to traditional Chinese acupuncture, there are many key acupoints on the neck. That's why you can often find kung fu masters stop people from moving by tapping the acupoints on his or her neck in martial arts movies.

Dazhui, an acupuncture point on the back your neck, should be given more attention if you want healthy lungs and a nice complexion. A warm woolen sweater with a turtle neck can nicely protect this acupoint.

Tunic style

Tunic-style sweater are many people's favorites in autumn and winter. On windy days, you may need an extra covering, like a trench coat or overcoat.

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