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Online music must be reviewed before being sold on Internet
Updated: 2015-11-12 17:50:16
( Chinaculture.org )

According to the latest circular issued by the Ministry of Culture, companies will adopt self-regulation and take the main responsibility for their online music products, and the ministry will play an administrative role in overseeing online music sales.

Online music providers need to prioritize the benefit to society, combined with economic and social returns and shoulder the main responsibility for approving musical content. Before bringing their products to the Internet, companies are requested to strictly check their online music content in the light of the standard and rules developed by the ministry. Meanwhile, self-regulation of online music content must be sent to the provincial level administrative department as a record.

The Ministry of Culture aims to use this policy adjustment to give a healthy boost to the development of the online music industry. The circular will be put into practice from January 1st 2016, and companies need to the information about music they have reviewed to put on file from April 1st 2016.

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