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Yi couple find success with ethnic clothing line
Updated: 2015-08-26 10:22:43
( People's Daily Online )

Long Mei and Su Tao are busy with their fabric production line. [Photo/Xinhua]

Su Tao and Long Mei is a couple of Yi nationality. They have their own ethnic apparel business at an innovation park in Guizhou. In 2012, they rent a house smaller than 130 square meters in Weining county and started their clothing business.

To begin with, they only had four sewing machine and five workers. In order to purchase high-quality fabric, Long Mei had to take trains and buses to go to other provinces. In August 2013, with the help and preferential policies from local government and business incubator, they moved to the innovation park, and officially became a registered company.

The ethnic clothes they designed and made are winning more and more recognition, and the business is becoming more and more prosperous. Their achievement is not only a realization of their dreams, but also help carrying forward the traditional national culture heritage.

Su Tao discusses about the pattern on the clothes. Su Tao is in charge of designing, and his wife Long Mei is responsible for purchasing and ordering.[Photo/Xinhua]

Long Mei and her employee display the hanging decorations.[Photo/Xinhua]

Long Mei and Su Tao are busy with their fabric production line.[Photo/Xinhua]

Long Mei carries clothing materials upstairs.[Photo/Xinhua]

Long Mei collects clothes of ethnic minorities for inspiration.[Photo/Xinhua]

Su Tao and Long Mei organized the clothes.[Photo/Xinhua]

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